Department of Pharmacy, Jilin Cancer Hospital

Department of pharmacy, jilin cancer hospital is a medical technology department under the direct leadership of the hospital leaders, which is responsible for organizing the pharmaceutical management work of the whole hospital, such as drug dispensing, procurement and supply, quality control and pharmaceutical services. There are 47 pharmaceutical technicians, including 1 chief pharmacist, 10 deputy chief pharmacists and 10 clinical pharmacists. The pharmacy department consists of inpatient pharmacy, inpatient anesthesia pharmacy, outpatient pharmacy, emergency pharmacy, free fried granule pharmacy, herbal pharmacy, operating room pharmacy, drug warehouse, clinical pharmacy, pharmacy intravenous admixture service,etc. The pharmacy department has a perfect work system, work specification and workflow, and actively promotes standardized, institutionalized, refined and modern management mode. At the same time, the pharmacy department is also responsible for the collection and reporting of adverse drug reactions in the hospital, and actively carries out pharmaceutical consulting services. Among them, clinical pharmaceutical care covers the whole hospital, provides drug information and rational medication guidance for the clinical and patients, and ensures the safety, economy and effectiveness of patients' medication. All staff of pharmacy department will adhere to the tenet of "preciseness, dedication, unity and enterprising", constantly improve the comprehensive quality of pharmacists, constantly forge ahead and innovate, serve patients and clinical!


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